BraceBridge replace old lighting with the T5’s Posted On: September 7th 2016

 One thing we all use in the factory environment is lighting; our existing lighting was made up of old 400W Sodium lamps and various strip lamps which offered irregular lighting patterns and areas of low light which we needed to fix. We looked into the options with the 2 main variants LED or T5 High Bays being the most popular choice. At the time we felt that LED technology was not quite advanced enough and with the bigger upfront cost our best option was to go for the High Bay T5’s.

With the help of Chalmor Ltd, an energy saving company based in Luton we came up with a solution to replace all of the old lighting with the T5’s. This would eliminate the need to stock various lamps and bulbs and stock only one size T5 lamp thus cutting down on maintenance costs and time.

Chalmor worked over our shutdown week and made a super job of replacing all the old lights with new.

We have to say that the transformation has been superb. We now average over 400 lumens across the factory and have reduced our energy bills by 20%. In our areas that see less traffic we opted for switched lighting that is motion sensor activated further reducing our energy usage.

Next on the list before winter will be our main roller shutter doors. We are looking at 2 insulated doors to save vital heat loss in from our gas heaters in the cold weather.