Over the years we have manufactured products for a wide range of industries including Aerospace, industrial, commercial, defence, medical, construction and Automotive sectors.

We have developed a growing niche in the filtration industry within Bracebridge and have become specialists in producing a wide range of filtration related parts including, end caps, perforated tube cores, pressure relief valves and filter bodies for our valued customers. These parts not only serve the industrial sector but also the Automotive and Aerospace sector.


We provide pressings and welded assemblies for a wide range of industrial applications. The growing need for competitively priced, high quality parts ensures we stay on top of the market to meet its growing demand.


At Bracebridge we are able to produce many lightweight aluminium and special alloy components for the aerospace industry, with our dedicated cleaning and press cell we can meet this highest standards in terms of quality. With many years of supplying into this sector, we have developed a first class quality system, utilising APQP to ensure our parts conform to the tightest of tolerances which this industry demands.

Commercial/White Goods

We manufacture a wide range of commercial components from window brackets to vacuum cleaner parts. We can work with a wide range of materials including zintec coated steel, stainless steel, Duplex, copper and mild steel and are able to recommend materials to suit your needs. Our team of experts are always on hand to help customers with their commercial and white goods needs. Give Bracebridge a call today and find out what we can do for you.


We are a second tier supplier into the automotive industry again supplying a wide range of filter components, housings and welded assemblies. We understand that this industry demands the highest standards of performance, quality and safety. With this in mind, Bracebridge Engineering use APQP (Advance Product Quality Planning) to work alongside our customers to ensure our pressed parts meet these tight conditions.

We are happy to go through your requirements and help you develop the right pressed part for you.

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