Happy 40th Birthday BBE! Posted On: March 30th 2018

In March 1978, Bracebridge Engineering Ltd was founded on Ashford Street, Digbeth to work alongside its parent company Trevelyans - a company that was founded many many years before that. Back then Bracebridge produced many components for all industries but specialised in brass and copper components for the commercial market making products such as tap fittings, ball floats and heat exchanger bodies. In more recent years Deep Drawn Presswork and high quality pressings have formed the majority of our work serving a multitude of industries such as Aerospace, Automotive and Industrial sectors. 

This month marks the 40th anniversary of Bracebridge Engineering Ltd, we've come a long way in those years and what better way to celebrate than to have a bit of cake and a family photo!

Thanks to all the team who make BBE what it is today! 

Happy birthday BBEPressings